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HI³ Research Experts

Researchers with relevant expertise contributing to HI³ Themes and Capacities. Not comprehensive of efforts throughout the Hub. Individuals marked with "*" also contribute to Cross-Cutting Capacities.

Theme A — Interventions

Theme memberInstitutesExpertise
Allison McGeer* (Theme Lead)Sinai HealthClinical effectiveness, surveillance for infectious diseases, population and public health
Jennifer Gommerman*UofTImmunology, mucosal immunity, vaccines
Scott Gray-Owen*UofTBacteriology, CL3 animal models, vaccines
Alan Bernstein* UofTCell biology, vaccines, pathogen biology
Shayan Sharif*
Leonardo Susta*
GuelphZoonotic pathogens, avian immune system
Sarah Wootton*GuelphVirology, egg-based vaccine production, pre-clinical models
Eric J. Arts*
Stephen Barr
Shawn Li
Ryan Troyer
Greg Dekaban
Chil-Yong Kang
Miguel Quiñones-Mateu
WesternHIV vaccines, vaccine seed banks, retroviral therapy, molecular virology, immunotherapies
Kun Ping Lu*
Xiao Zhen Zhou
WesternNextGen biotherapeutics and biodiagnostics harnessing our body’s ability to fight disease
Samira Mubareka*SunnybrookZoonotic pathogens, one health
Robert Kozak*SunnybrookClinical microbiology, vaccines, emerging pathogens
Anne-Claude Gingras*
Jeff Wrana*
Sinai HealthProteomics, cell signaling, virus-host interactions, sequencing, automation
Tania Watts*
Alberto Martin
UofTImmunoprofiling of humans, mouse models
Pam Ohashi*UHNImmunoprofiling, T-cell development, cancer vaccines
Rupert Kaul*
Mario Ostrowski*
Unity Health
Mucosal Immunity, HIV, Clinical trials in diverse cohorts, vaccines, studies in Africa, immunoprofiling
Jun Liu*UofTTuberculosis, intranasal vaccine delivery
Tak Mak*UHNAdvanced preclinical models.
Charles Graham
Stephen Archer
Che Colpitts
Queen’sImmunity, immune checkpoints Virus-host interactions, anti-viral strategies Molecular virology, anti-viral strategies
Aled Edwards
Cheryl Arrowsmith
UofTDrug discovery, structural genomics
Walid Houry*
Justin Nodwell
William Navarre
Leah Cowen
James Scott*
UofTBroad-acting antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal therapeutics
Alan Davidson
Karen Maxwell
UofTInnovative approaches to tackle antibiotic resistance using phage-based approaches
Costin Antonescu*
Raffi Karshafian
Stefania Impellizzeri
Sarah Sabatinos
TMUIdentifying new antiviral drugs for the treatment of coronavirus disease and drug repurposing
Trevor Moraes UofTBiochemistry, drug discovery
Dustin LittleTMUHost-pathogen interactions, bacteriology, glycobiology
Joseph McPheeTMUBacterial regulatory systems, omptin proteases, enteropathogen virulence
Russell ViirreTMUMedicinal chemistry, molecular probes, therapeutics development
Michael Sefton*UofTTissue engineering, drug delivery, precision medicine
Scott ProsserUTMProtein biochemistry, drug discovery
Roman MelnykSickKidsBacterial virulence factors, novel therapeutics
John ParkinsonSickKidsPathogen:microbiome interactions, computational biology, global health, parasitology

Theme B — Process Innovations

Theme memberInstitutesExpertise
Warren Chan* (Theme Lead)UofTBarcoding diagnostics, bioprocessing
Bowen Li
Omar Khan
UofTmRNA vaccine technologies, combinatorial delivery systems, lipid nanoparticles
Gang ZhengUHNInorganic nanosystems
Aaron Wheeler
Keith Pardee
UofTDigital microfluidic diagnostics
Lisa Strug*SickKidsData sciences
Kamran Khan*Unity HealthData sciences, AI
Muhammad MamdaniUofTAI
Kenneth Ng
Yufeng Tong
WindsorBiochemical reagent specialists
Geoffrey Hinton*UofTMachine learning and AI
James RiniUofTBiochemical reagent specialist
Trevor CharlesWaterlooWastewater surveillance, microbiology
Marc Aucoin
Hector Budman
WaterlooModel-driven optimization of biomanufacturing processes
Radhakrishnan Mahadevan*UofTMetabolic Systems Engineering
Roderick Slavcev*WaterlooBacteriophage engineering, vaccine development
Anita LaytonWaterlooComputational modeling
Andrew DoxeyWaterlooComputation biology
Sergey Krylov*YorkAnalytical characterization and measurements
Shirley Tang*WaterlooManufacturing, devices, sensors
Leo ChouUofTNanomedicine, vaccines
Arezoo EmadiWindsorNovel biosensors, microbial diagnostics
Maxwell Smith  WesternPublic health and infectious disease ethics, bioethics, health policy
Scott Tsai*TMUNanobubbles, lab-on-chip
Lauren CiprianoWesternHealth economics, pharmacoeconomics, biotechnology, health policy evaluation
Gary Bader*UofTComputational biology, genomic technologies

Theme C — Health Intelligence

Theme memberInstitutesExpertise
Shelly Bolotin* (Theme Lead)UofTPublic health, vaccinology, serosurveillance
Nelson Lee*UofTPublic health and clinical interventions
Shaza FadelUofTPublic health, global health, immunology
David Fisman*UofTPublic health and mathematical modelling
Jennifer GibsonUofTPublic health and bioethics
Adalsteinn Brown*
Geoffrey Anderson
Sara Allin
UofTHealth services research
Kevin Brown
Sarah Buchan
PHOPublic health epidemiology, vaccine effectiveness, transmission patterns
Kevin Schwartz
Jeff Kwong*
PHOPublic health epidemiology, vaccine effectiveness, clinician
Phillip Awadalla*
John McLaughlin
UofTPublic health, cohort studies
Jonathon Maguire*Unity HealthClinical medicine, pediatric cohort studies and clinical trials
Fahad RazakUnity HealthEpidemiology, public health intelligence, clinical sciences, data sciences
Sharon Straus*Unity HealthPublic health intelligence, geriatrics; clinical trials and cohort studies (elders, aging)
Darrell Tan*Unity HealthPublic health intelligence, clinical trials and cohort studies in context of sexual health (LGBTQ2+)
Padmaja Subbarao
Catherine Birken
Upton Allen*
SickKidsClinical medicine and applied research
Barry PakesUofTPublic health interventions, clinical medicine
Brian SchwartzPHOPublic health and emergency preparedness
Kendall SoucieWindsorSocioeconomic determinants of health
Lisa Porter*WindsorKnowledge translation and emergency preparedness
Tara Moriarty*UofTInfectious disease, knowledge translation, science communication
Sharmistha Mishra*Unity HealthGlobal health, mathematical modelling, socioeconomic determinants of transmission dynamics
Michelle HladunewichSunnybrookClinical medicine and applied research, infectious diseases in patients with kidney disease
David Maslove*Queen’sClinical medicine and applied research, global health, machine learning
Atul Humar
Deepali Kumar
UHNClinical medicine, clinical trials and cohort studies on infectious diseases affecting immunosuppressed (transplant) patients; Transplant Infectious Diseases
Prabhat Jha*Unity HealthGlobal health and population epidemiology, serosurveillance, vital statistics 
Stephen Scherer*SickKidsHost genomics  
Erica di Ruggiero  UofTGlobal health
Jianhong Wu
Huaiping Zhu
Jane Heffernan
Seyed Moghadas
YorkMathematical disease modelling 
Kelly GrindrodWaterlooDigital technologies for medication management, Vaccine hesitancy
Beate Sander*UHNHealth Services, Mathematical Modeling, Public health, infectious disease modelling
Stephen Hwang*Unity HealthOutbreak surveillance, cohort studies, in the context of homelessness
Josephine WongTMUHealth equity, community-engaged research, community resilience during COVID-19, migrant health
Mandana VahabiTMUGlobal health, migrant health, health equity
Trevor HartTMUHealth of gender and sexual minorities, sexual health, community-based research and interventions
Samir SinhaTMUPolicy and clinical interventions for aging populations; testing and vaccine rollout for aging populations (e.g. in LTCs) during COVID-19
David Naylor*UofTHealth systems, population health
Johnathan Gubbay*PHOPathogen diagnostics and sequencing/genomics
Allison SekulerUofTAging populations, neurobiology

Cross-Cutting Capacities

Theme memberInstitutesExpertise
Prameet ShethQueen’sPathogen diagnostics and sequencing/genomics
Angela M. Cheung    UHNIntegrative medicine, genetic and clinical risk factors, function outcomes, quality of life, and health services research
Art Poon
Michael Hallet
R. Michael McKay
Pathogen diagnostics and sequencing/genomics
Tony Mazzulli
Vanessa Allen
Susan Poutanen 
Sinai HealthClinical microbiology, pathogen surveillance, sequencing/genomics
Claire Jardine
Dorothee Bienzle
Scott Weese
GuelphZoonoses, ecology of disease, One Health, Animal Health Laboratory
Jennifer GuthrieWesternPathogen genomics and bioinformatics
Andrew Winterborn*
Badru Moloo*
Non-human primate modeling
Lori FrappierUofTProteomics and viral virulence factors
Brian RaughtUHNProteomic platforms and cellular interactions
John BrumellSickKidsHost-pathogen interactions
Mikko TaipaleUofTProteomics and systems biology
Jared SimpsonUofTGenomics, sequencing technologies, computational biology
Alán Aspuru-GuzikUofTMachine learning, quantum computing, and automated chemistry
Jason MoffatSickKidsGenetic networks and systems biology
Frederick RothUofTProtein networks and computational biology
Doug FraserWesternNeurology and immunology
Dana PhilpottUofTHost-pathogen interactions and microbiome
Robert J BotelhoTMUCell biology and immune function
Richard GibsonWesternHigh containment facilities and antiretroviral resistance
Haibo ZhangUnity HealthRespiratory viruses, lung organoid and animal models
David BrooksUHNMulti-pathogen co-infection, animal models, chronic viruses
John DickUHNImmune system development, animal models
Sharon WalmsleyUHNClinical trials and HIV clinical management
Ewan GoligherUHNClinical interventions and trials
Janet DanceyQueen’sClinical trials
Isaac BogochUHNTropical diseases and clinical epidemiology
Ashleigh TuiteUofTEpidemiological modelling
Kumar MurtyUofTMathematical modelling, data sciences
Rahul G. KrishnanUofTMachine learning and healthcare
Pooya ZadehWindsorMachine learning and healthcare
Anna GoldenbergSickKidsMachine learning and human disease
Amber SimpsonQueen’sMachine learning and health informatics
Michael BrudnoUHNComputational medicine
Jean-Philippe JulienSickKidsStructural biology, vaccines and immunotherapeutics
Greg B. GloorWesternComputational Biology, Protein Evolution
Trevor CharlesWaterlooPathogen surveillance and sequencing
Subha KalyaanamoorthyWaterlooComputational Biology and Chemistry
Rob FowlerSunnybrookClinical trials, clinical management, CIHR network of networks
Felix RatjenUHNClinical trials, pediatric medicine, clinical sciences
John MarshallUnity HealthClinical trials, immunopathology, CIHR network of networks
Theo MoraesSickKidsRespirology, primary cell culture systems, viral pathobiology
Amy WongSickKidsLung development, organoid systems
Liliana AttisanoUofTCell signalling, tissue development, organoid systems
Julien MuffatSickKidsNeuroimmunology, virology, primary cell systems
Milica RadisicUofTOrgan-on-a-chip engineering, cardiac modelling
Slava EpelmanUHNCardiology, viral infraction, pre-clinical modelling
Mark ServosWaterlooWastewater surveillance, ecotoxicology
Lawrence GoodridgeGuelphWastewater surveillance, food microbiology
Amy GreerGuelphDisease modelling, Wastewater surveillance,
Jennifer Geddes-McAlisterGuelphHost-pathogen interactions, proteomics
Stephen BrownQueen’sWastewater monitoring, environmental analysis
Sarah Jane PayneQueen’sWastewater monitoring, water engineering
Claire OswaldTMUWatershed hydrology, wastewater monitoring
Kim GilbrideTMUWastewater monitoring, antibiotic resistance
Elizabeth EdwardsUofTWastewater monitoring, bioremediation
Hui PengUofTWastewater monitoring, environmental toxicology
Christopher DeGrootWesternWastewater monitoring, water decontamination processes
Bryan CoburnUHNMicrobial genomics, pathobiology, clinical sciences